Habify Works

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Habify uses habit-based learning to create a unique daily learning experience, focusing on key outputs from your training material.

The entire Habify experience is downloaded onto the learner’s smartphone in a single sitting. These daily micro-lessons are delivered to the participant using multimodal learning methods – video, auditory and written. Lessons are short, engaging and followed by a mini-quiz.

Accountability is key. A personal coach is on standby to ensure the learner completes the full program.

Habify your training

Yes, Habify works with your existing training
Case Study: Sales Team Training

One of our financial services clients required sales training for 10 senior salespeople. We delivered our Advanced Sales Training workshop in a one-day session. The results speak for themselves.

Return On Investment: R650.00 p/R1000.00 spent on training.

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Habify learners retain 400% more knowledge because they engage with training outputs every day

The Habify Flow

A learner report is populated and delivered to the client indicating ROI, knowledge retention and learner participation. [sample report]

A vital element in ensuring knowledge retention and overall performance lies in the ability to hold the participant accountable for their learning process and habit development.

We call this accountability process an ‘Intervention’.

Benefits of Habify

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  • Knowledge Retention
  • Fewer refreshers
  • More Valuable Training
  • Performance Development
  • Optimised Support Framework
  • Staff Morale & Fulfilment


Support when you need it most

With the best intentions, humans become distracted and forget to complete tasks vital to developing a habit.

Using the Habify system of accountability, learners are held accountable when they fail to complete a required daily task. Interventions build a sense of support to keep the learner on track, applying the learned material into their day-to-day.

microlearning + coaching + gamification = learners retain more knowledge, for longer