“Feedback is the breakfast of champions.”

-Ken Blanchard

Case Study: Sales Training

Return On Investment per R1000 spent on training:

Using HBL:     +R550 – R750

Without:          +R50 – R150

One of our clients required sales training for 10 senior salespeople. We delivered our Advanced Sales Training workshop in a one-day session.

In the last 30 minutes of the session, the attendees downloaded and installed the HBL app from either the Google Play or Apple store. Once set up, they completed a short assessment of what they remembered from the training they had just completed.

The next day, each salesperson received a unique notification from the app requesting them to complete a short series of questions or tasks. This request was directly linked to the training received the previous day.

Once completed, they were rewarded with their log position for their response time. This continued every day for the remainder of that week.

Each Friday a leaderboard was populated with the positions of the top three participants to answer questions correctly and those who answered quickest.

This process continued for thirty days. On the final day, a second assessment was conducted and compared to the first one. This indicates the level of knowledge retained from their sales training.

A training report for each salesperson was then sent to the team’s sales manager detailing their knowledge retention, performance & application of the sales techniques taught in the sales training.

Each participant’s results were compared to the class average, universal average and highlighted areas of further development and support.